The Twist

The protagonist of the game shifts from Mercer over to a soldier named James Heller. Returning to the now desolate New York that was once his home, Heller is in for the shock of his life when he finds the trail of countless bodies Mercer leaves along his path – Heller’s wife and daughter, among them.

Those Just Beginning the Prototype Addiction

For those new to this awesome free-running series, Prototype is set in New York City, where humans are plagued by a virus known only as Blacklight – if it doesn’t kill them, it turns them into savage mutants of mass destruction. Mercer, a helpless bystander trapped in the center of it all, is transformed into a powerfully unstoppable shapeshifter with no recollection of his past. To say the least, Mercer is out for blood – and answers. With incredible non-stop action, Prototype leaves you on the edge of your seat, controller shaking in your hand, desperate to know what happens next.

14 Months Later

Over a year after the first game is said to take place, Mercer is back – but this time, he’s the villain! Mercer is the supposed source causing the new outbreak that strikes New York, which becomes broken into three zones during gameplay: Yellow- medical quarantine, Green- government lockdown, and Red- utter chaos. Heller, motivated by vengeance and stoked by rage, is out to find who is to blame for the death of his wife and child – and to kill any and everyone who stands in his way.

New Features

Just like in the first game, you can consume enemies for health, to shapeshift into them, or even to gain their memories. Heller will be armed with all the bad-assery that Mercer was capable of, like turning his hands into giant
blades or causing bio-spikes to strike from the ground. Now, though, the skills and powers possessed can be leveled up through the game, and can be put into an unimaginable amount of combinations to be used as chains and finishers. Radical created this style to make it more unique for the individual player, and the type of combat adds a whole new layer of battling to the actual gameplay.

Prototype 2 is sure to be an amazing sequel to this awe-inspiring series. Packed with action all the way through, this is a must-have for any first-game fan or fan of action games in general.

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