Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a theatre rhythm action game, meaning the player types in commands as the game says to in time with certain music. The music in question is from the popular Final Fantasy series, and any song played from any game may be chosen throughout Theatrhythm to be played. This type of game is similar to that of Guitar Hero or Rock Band in that they are also theatre rhythm games.

The characters in the game have a sort of “Chibi” appearance, in that they are stylized, smaller versions of the characters in the series, including Squall, Cloud, and even Tifa. Along with main characters, Indies zero also incorporated Moogles, known enemies, and Chocobos.

The game doesn’t have a campaign or storyline, but rather, a series of segments you have to pass in order to move on to the next segment in turn. You select your four notable Final Fantasy characters – smushed down into their Chibi-version, of course – and take on each segment together by sharing an HP bar. If you miss or hit a command poorly, the shared HP bar goes down. And, of course, if the bar hits zero, it’s back to the beginning of the segment all over again.

Packed with twenty-five years of the Final Fantasy series characters, music, and other aspects, this is not a simple little 3DS game that can be beaten easily. Rather, it takes time, skill, and intrigued interest in order to complete it correctly. To die-hard Final Fantasy fans and theatre rhythm action game fans alike, Theatrhthm Final Fantasy is a fantastic game.

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