Who Started It?

On January 24th, 1984, though the Windows fans would hate to admit it, the Apple Macintosh was considered the first successful personal computer with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and mouse. Windows didn't create a personal computer to come even close to competing with the Macintosh until November of 1985, in response to the popularity of Apple's amazing PC.

Though Apple did get a headstart and dominated the market throughout the 80's, a quick flip in the 90's proved to be in favor of Windows. Thanks to the Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft is now in control of approximately 91% of the overall computer market share.
Pros of a Mac

Sleek and lightweight, Apple computers are the epitome of cool and slim designs. Similarly, they have a wide screen and thin keyboard that makes typing simple and easy. The colors are usually white, seemingly appearing clean and uncomplicated.

The Mac has very high quality cameras built into nearly every model, making it capable for a user to video chat or conference easily. It's also very simple to upgrade the Ram or hard drive, making it fit the tastes of the user in any way.

One of the biggest perks for earning an Apple computer, though, is the amount of security and protection you'll possess compared to a Microsoft PC. Since they work on a completely different platform than regular PCs, the Mac is protected from most malicious software, viruses, and hackers that may try to attack.
Pros of a PC

To start, a major pro in favor of the PC side is the capable assortment of customizations possible for each computer. With almost a limitless supply, the PC can be formatted to fit any user's preferences, whether it be color, memory, style, programs, or anything else.

Gamers normally favor the PC due to its large memory capacity, and the cheap price for each computer is obviously loved by all. Finally, a piece of technology that doesn't take an arm and a leg to afford.

The user base is simple and traditional, with programs like Microsoft Word and Excel that have been on PCs for forever only updated over the years rather than shifted to a completely new program.
Cons of a Mac

A big problem that sits heavily on the Mac's shoulders is that it doesn't have backwards compatibility. This means that your shiny new Mini Mac isn't compatible with OS X Lion. Also, some versions of the Mac are not compatible with all of the software on the market, which makes it more difficult for some users to actually like it, with their limitation on software chooses.

Though Apple boasts a big deal of its technologically advanced hardware, the chooses for choosing your preferences on hardware are still severely limited. It is impossible to assemble a Mac by yourself, so repairing it will involve sending it back to Apple and them doing it for you, costing you an insane amount in the process.

The Mac computers, due to its Apple background, favor all Apple products. This can be bad in good, in that it's extremely easy to sync any iProducts such as the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. However, it's poses a problem when trying to sync other items like a different brand of MP3 player or tablet.

The final problem we'll list here, and some might suggest the worst problem, is the price. The term "Highway robbery" could be used synonymously with the price of a Mac computer, as that is what it could certainly be considered. If you don't have the budget for this highly priced technology, you should probably stick with the Windows computer, no matter what your preferences might be.
Cons of a PC

The only problem found for the Windows-based computers is the security problems. Compared to the Mac, security fractures can be a huge chink in the armor of the PC. With just the default security systems, you leave yourself wide open for attack from viruses, hackers, and malicious software. Should you get a PC, make sure to buy an additional security software. Better safe than sorry.

Based on the facts, Windows computers by far outnumbers the Mac in positive qualities, and the Mac carries numerous negative factors that make it very unfavorable. For this here blog, I do suggest getting a Windows computer. You won't regret it.

Did I leave something out? Add something you don't agree with? Let me know, and may the pen be with you.

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