What Kind of WI-Fi will the iPhone Possess?

A Developing Telecoms report indicated that the iPhone 5 would have an LTE terminal that would "potentially" support FDD and TDD. In non-geek terms, that means that the iPhone 5 might have 4G LTE wireless connectivity. However, just like the late 2011 iPad update, that poses problems for buyers. Just watching a two-hour movie would eat up all your monthly alotted wireless time. If Apple hasn't fixed this problem yet, then this poses a drastic decrease in value for the new iPhone model.
New Specifications for the iPhone 5

The Apple A6, the newest quad-core processor, will make its debut inside the iPhone 5. (And it's so excited!)

There is a suggestion of a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, which sounds correct given the past history of the iPhone 5.

But the biggest and most exciting news for those non-nerds out there is that there is a rumoured new dock connector for this iPhone model. From a 30-pin port to a 19-pin port, this new dock connector will be smaller, sleaker, and fit in with the slim and trim ideals of Apple.
Camera Capabilities for the iPhone 5

Since Sony's best sensor building facilities were destroyed during the tsunamai and earthquake disasters in Japan, it's questionable where Apple is going to get their super-sensor capabilities. Not only does the sensor affect the camera, but many other qualities about the iPhone, including video, scanning, and some apps and games.

However, there is a positive rumour that the newest iPhone is going to have not a 6, not a 7, but an 8 mega-pixel camera. My phone has a 1.5. Apple continues to amaze us with their technological achievements. And not only will they have a back camera, but an HD front-facing camera as well!
The Devastating Price

And finally, the worst news for last. For a 16 to 32 GB iPhone 5, it's almost certain that the price will be insane. Rather than the costly $400 iPhone 4, the newest iPhone model will be a whopping 500 euros -- or $614.65. This doesn't include tax, and it doesn't include an extended-warranty cost.

I hope this has helped all the potential iPhone 5 customers when they go in the fall to buy their precious phone. Good luck to all you shoppers out there. And don't drop your phones! God knows the warranty's too expensive to replace them.

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