The Buzz on Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel Eye Shadow

First, in order to decide whether an eye shadow is actually good or not, you must compare them to other products of their kind. In one review after another, Mac paint pots were compared to this fine line of product – and Maybelline was decidedly better. “I was thrilled when I began playing with these and realized they feel exactly the same as the MAC Paints Pots on my skins,” One reviewer said.

This eye shadow first swept across America and then traveled to the UK, now available in drug stores across both nations. In the US they range from $5.99-$7.99, and are each housed in a heavy glass jar with a screw-on black lid. As a new marketing campaign, most drug stores have a “buy one, get one free” sell going on for them.

Though the claim that it can last twenty four hours stretches the truth a bit, it still remains a very long lasting product. “For review purposes, I can honestly say this eye shadow lasted from five in the evening until eleven a.m. the next morning (with primer),” another reviewer said. “Great as a base or alone, I own every color except for the gold one.”

In another comparison, the feel of the eye shadow is very thick, which for a cream shadow makes it very good. “These are definitely thicker than the MUFE Aqua Creams and Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows.” They supposedly don’t feel “dry” or “plastic-y,” but rather creamy and pigmented.

“The consistency is creamy and smooth, though some shades are smoother than others due to the finish (the more shimmery ones are less smooth, while the more matte ones are the smoothest),” another review claimed.

The only problem, it seems, is the lack of really neutral shades in the line of these bright eye shadows. “There are lots of fun, colorful shades, but there is a lack of one-and-done eye shadows.”

Initially, Maybelline launched ten of these twenty four color tattoo cream gel eye shadows. And, as every eye shadow color is different, here are the short reviews for each color:

20 Painted Purple: More sheer than the other ten, Painted Purple is the least dense of them all – in other words, you may have to apply a few coats to get the shade of purple that matches the color in the jar.

05 Too Cool: Shimmery, satin-like appearance. Too Cool makes a great highlight on the inner corners of the eye or the center of the eye lid.

35 Tough As Taupe: A favorite among many reviewers as the ultimate neutral shade in the line. “It isn’t every day you see a matte taupe cream eye shadow!” Tough As Taupe is a gray, slightly mauve-tinted color; opaque and very smooth to the touch.

30 Pomegranate Punk: The bright color reviewers seem to be fawning over. Satin-like in appearance just like Too Cool, Pomegranate Punk takes on a burgundy/purple tone that shimmers with every blink.

15 Audacious Asphalt: “Applies on creamy and smooth.” It works well alone or as a base to intensify other colors.

45 Bold Gold: Probably the driest in the line, compared to the others, but still an amazingly vibrant color. It is also one of the more shimmery shades, looking metallic at the end.

10 Fierce and Tangy: The bright, tangerine-orange color with a satiny finish. “It applies so, so smoothly; this is one of the best shades in terms of texture and color payoff.”

50 Edgy Emerald: Beautiful, vibrant-looking aqua-teal color. Works well as an eyeliner, too.

25 Bad to the Bronze: A bronze that won’t make your eyes have that “door-handle” color finish. “I like that it’s not too brassy. It will be a perfect shade to wear during the summer months.”

40 Tenacious Teal: The boldest color, next to Fierce and Tangy, in the line. Easy to apply, it “is a medium-dark blue with a silvered shimmer. It has great color payoff and applies smoothly.”

Clearly Maybelline has begun to step up its game. After these ten colors have created such a storm of profit, more shades are sure to be on their way to this daring line of product.

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